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Little Nuggets

He hugged the kids and kissed his wife goodbye.

Daddy's going on a business trip.

Business trip, yes, yes.

That's the biggest industry of all.

Where the products are home grown,

all natural.

God's creation.

And somewhere, somehow....

these little nuggets got hand picked into the market.

Oh, how lucky they are.

Daddy stressed from hardships of life,

Responsibilities,work, family and all the drama.

He just needs a release.

Daddy goes to the market,

where all the little nuggets are displayed.

Daddy looks around.

He doesn't know them.

What their dreams are.

Who they could have been.

Daddy just needs a release.

He points out to the finest nuggets to his choosing.

He purchased the little nugget.

He ate up the little nuggets until he's satisfied.

He returns back to his family happy and full.

And the little nuggets goes back on the shelf,

waiting to be bought all over again.

*I wrote this short story in hope to raise awareness for child human sex trafficking. Every year, 300,000 children are forced into prostitution and pornography. If we can convince these consumers that this is wrong. And that they shouldn't support this type of consumption. I hope that this short story can change some peoples mind if they do consider being a customer to this disgusting and wrongful industry.



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