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the battle

When you feel things deeply.

Oftentimes, you can be led by your emotions.

And sometimes those actions are not deemed rational.

I made this painting about 6 years ago.

What I was trying to depict was,

the battle between the heart and the mind.

The heart is present.

The heart is now.

The mind is logical.

The mind has been conditioned.

But the heart only feels.

And sometimes what we know and how we feel don't go together.

Or maybe it does,

but we don't want to allow it.

We can be our own worst critics.

We can get in our own way.

We want to be happy.

Because certain moments are good, they are special.

But then our mind will get in,

and start listing all the things that could go wrong.

And we miss the moments because we were too stuck in our heads.

Some call it anxiety, I call it overactive imagination.

I am learning to snap out of my wandering mind, and into my body.

I am learning to feel the heart, while also considering the brain.

The battle between the brain and the heart is no longer a battle.

But a compromise.

A mutual understanding between both loving parties.

They both just want to keep me safe.



Artwork: By Suree Sompamitwong


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