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Los Angeles Pt.6 White Collar Cockcroach

Suree was so excited that she was going to move to LA. It was always something that she's always wanted ever since she was a little girl. Suree knew that finding a job would be tough out there, so she start applying online at every possible ads she could find on craigslist and other job sights; anything from house keeping, waitressing to retail. Suree met Michael online. He told her that he was a wealthy business man and he promised to give her a job because he runs a lot of small business. Suree agreed to meet with him once she arrived in LA. Second day into being in LA. She excitedly waved goodbye to her friend and went off to go meet Michael. She had high hopes thinking she's going to get a job. She already had a couple interviews lined up but this was her first one. So there she was, standing outside Michae's big mansion. Michael came to greet her warmly at the door. He lead her into his kitchen where she sat on the high stool. He poured her a drink and started asking her casual questions. Things started to get blurry after that. Each person had a different agenda. Suree was there because she wanted a job. But Micahel, assumed other wise, he thought she was an escort. Suree told him that it was a misunderstanding, that she wasn't there to do that. But Micahel didn't care. By then, the drink and what ever he put in there kicked in and Suree's body feel limp.

Suree didn't quite remember exactly how it went down, but the things she for sure remembered was how he dragged her upstairs, spit on her face and did what he wanted to do with her.

After Michael was finished with her. He tossed her outside of his house and threw a crumpled hundred dollar bill at her. By then, Suree was still not able to move. Her body paralyzed. So she called her friend to come get her.

Suree never told anyone about what happened because she felt ashame. She felt stupid for putting herself in that situation. And she didn't want her friends and family back home to think that there was any problems. They were all so proud of her for making it out to LA, she couldn't let them down with such horrid news.

So she kept it all inside. She thought she could just forget about it. Swept it under a rug. But what she didn't realize, was that her secrete was slowly killing her self esteem and self worth.

* I'm sharing this story because I no longer want to suffer from someone else's actions. What happened did not define me. I can only learn from it and warn other girls/boys out there to be careful about who you meet online. And if something like this did happen to you. Please seek help right away. Do not blame yourself. I kept it a secrete for so long, and it lead me to make domino's effects of bad decisions because I thought my self worth was already destroyed. So please don't make the same mistakes I did. Speak out and seek help.



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