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Los Angeles Pt.2 Him

Loving you was easy

so simple and sweet

how charming you are

you traveled all over the world

well educated, creative and sweet

just exactly what I crave

Loving you was easy

your touch was soft

your kisses was electric

My light, my world, we were inseparable

Loving you was easy

When I was down, you cheered me up

You were a realist and I was a dreamer

Opposit attract, I thought

Loving you was easy

Things were great

until I noticed you loved booze more than yourself

alcohol consumed your life

It also took over mine

Loving you got hard.

But I clung on

I took it

I can save you

We can get through this

Loving you got harder.

The booze lead you to abuse

physically and emotionally

My soul was sucked dry

I lost my fire

but I can still do this

I love you

Love doesn't give up

then one day

I found photos.....

Two naked women?


Two naked little girls .





This can't be true

I can't do this any longer

Who would I be if I stayed with you

Who are you?

Abuse, lies and hurt I took

But this is not okay.

This was no longer just about me.

Letting go was the only choice I had....

Loving you meant nothing if I don't love myself

Because loving myself meant knowing when to walk away

Loving myself meant knowing my worth

Loving myself meant standing my ground.

Thank you for teaching me a valuable lesson

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