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It's funny how life works. Just right after I thought I survived my share of LA living. That everything was going to go smooth after that. Boy, was I wrong. Let's just say that just a week after I wrote about my 3 years review. My world was turned upside down.

It all started on the weekend I was supposed to move out to my new apartment, that was supposed to be closer to my job I told all my roommates that they had to be out by Friday because I had to turn in the key by Monday. So anyways, I returned to the apartment on Sunday to clear all the things they left behind, which was A LOT. I remembered how pissed and frustrated I was to be cleaning u after them.

So anyways, here I was exhausted from the night before because I went out clubbing that night. Then I had to go clean up after boys, because they left so much shit behind. So after about hours of extreme aggressive cleaning and bitching the whole time. I finally cleared out apartment and got everything all packed.

I felt like that day, the Universe was calling me for a change. Because after me leaving that apartment, nothing has ever been the same....

Lets' just say that I guess from countless nights of no sleep has caught up to me. Because my first episode of "manic bipolar depression" acted out.

Yes, right when everything was going good, right after I got a big promotion. Right after I just got my new place...

Let's just say that I never made it to my new place that night. I ended up driving around, for hours listening to loud music and dancing in my car. Then once the sun started to rise into Monday. At first, all I could think about was how I needed to make it to work. I remembered going to a gas station and asking for directions. He pointed north and north I went. Somehow I ended up heading towards palms springs and went into a water park. Yup, that's right. I skipped work and went to a water park.

So after a relaxing day at the water park ,as I was heading home. Again my GPS acted up and somehow, Las Vegas popped up in my GPS. So here I was, driving my car, which is still packed with all my things from my old apartment, I just spent a whole day at the water park and skipped work. And now my GPS somehow had LAS VEGAS popped up. And what did I do??? I drove to Vegas of course. Yup, that's right. I drove to Vegas alone. And let me mention that on Friday night I lost my wallet, so I drove to Vegas with $17 dollars.

Now, by this time, you guys probably came to a conclusion that I am yes, indeed, a dumbass. But let me tell you, and that time, at that very exact moment. I did not care. All I wanted to do was drive to Vegas and go dance.

So anyways, there I was just jamming hard core to music and speeding like a crazy motherfucker down the high way. I'm surprised I didn't get into a car accident with how fast and reckless I was going.

As I arrived in Vegas, I'm thinking in my "hey okay, so how can I get into a club if my wallet was stolen and I don't have my ID?" But I figured one club would probably let me if I just kept asking around. And eventually one club did. So I was was happily just dancing for hours at the club by myself.

As the night grew later, I eventually got tired and met up with a friend that I knew from Vegas. We met up at at Kareoke spot and I sang a song from Lana Del Rey. By then, it was getting really late and I knew that I had to do go home. Keep in mind, I'm still going through my manic bipolar episode.

So I drove home around 4am. With no sleep from the two previous nights. I jammed out to music to keep me awake. I remembered almost hitting a car with a trailer because I was so sleepy.

Then somehow, I was hallucinating that I was in a porn video and they were shooting a pron film and I was the lead star. Because the whole way, of driving back from Vegas, I was dancing provocatively the whole well to songs from the Pussycats Dolls and Gwen Stephani, there was even times where I tool off my shirt,* face palm*.

And right when I hit San Deigo heading towards Mexcio, (I was lost), my car was running out of gas so I stopped on the side of the road and got out to ask for help. It took the police a good hour to come to my rescue. I explained to them that I ran out of gas. And they helped tolled my car to a school parking lot where I can find ways to get gas.

By that time, I let my paranoia tooke over me, because I did not bother asking any of my friends for help, because I seriously thought they all set me up on this porn film I just shot, And yes, by now I've completely gone crazy. I tried to walk to the gas station and ask for free gas but they refused.

I remembered plopping down on the side of the streets and crying furiously. Then I said "fuck it" and I walked back to my car, started the engine and drove, even thought I knew that I was out of gas. I was about to get onto the freeway, when the car completely came to an uttered stop. At that point, I was so overwhelmed and exhausted that I just decided to call and Uber. I cried the whole way in the car.

The next day was when I lost my job. Because I woke up and I thought that i was going to quit and go to New York to try out for the real version of Mulan's movie. I remembered putting on a pink flamingo t-shirt, a pair of shorts shorts. And I asked my neighbor to drop me off at work. I went into my boss office and told her that I was unhappy and that I wanted to quit. I remembered I was already crying when I told her.

Then I went outside to wait for my ride. My boss came out and she asked me where to send the pay check to. I remembered saying this very word, which I regret terribly, but I told her " I don't want your f*ck*ng money!" However, my words didn't phase her. I think she knew that I went coocoo because she was still generous and told me to come wait inside. Which I did.

I remembered going into the lunch room, shut the door and banged my head against the table for what seemed like forever, until my manager came in to talk to me. And I saw the firefighters and police outside the door.

And there goes that.

to be contiuned.....

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