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Knock Knock

Sadness comes and go

Sometimes it comes for a quick visit, sometime it lingers

You don't mind the quick visit

But just like house guests, it gets uncomfortable after 3 days

Mine stayed for 6 months once

It sucked

Once I finally got rid of it

I was never going to let it come in again

I filled up my schedule up, so I was barely ever home, just it case it comes knocking on the door

Scared that once it visits, it wouldn't leave again

Last time it stayed, it nearly killed me

So I would run around, like a mad woman, trying to avoid it

But it's fast and it's smart

Always creeping up, no matter how hard I try to block it

And that's when you've realized ...that' you can't run away.

You just got to face it.

You've faced it countless times before.

And each time...You get a little stronger

And just know, that you are not a lone.

Sadness visits each and everyone of us.

But it doesn't stay,

So just keep reminding yourself

That everything is going to be okay.



Artwork by: Suree Sompamitwong

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