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Los Angeles Pt. 7: Create Your Self

When I say create yourself, I meant that sometimes you don't even know what you like until you try it. Or maybe you do know what you like but have been skeptical to try it. For example, I have always been fascinated with the belly dancing. I remembered my first time seeing someone belly dance was in 4th grade in my basement. My neighbor showed me this cool move where you vibrate your legs and it causes your whole belly and body to shake. I was so impressed by that. However, because I lived in Minnesota and I didn't know anyone else that does that. I just sort of let that interest of mine died down.

But then I met this really cool girl in LA, Sahara Rose, an author/ public speaker/ Ayurveda guru, at a cabaret who invited me to a belly dancing class that she goes too. And that's when I started taking classes for the first time. I have loved it ever since. And it's became one of my favorite hobbies!

So what you have been dying to try? What are some of your secret fantasy? I believe that as long as you are not self inflicting or harming others, I say go for it, what ever it is that you may want to do. Because this is YOUR life. And you don't want to be 90 and regret the things that you didn't do.

Always wanted to dress up as Mario or Luigi and go ride bikes along Venice Beach? There's an event for that. Love comic books and wants to dress up as one of your favorite characters? That's what Comic Con is for. Always wanted to paint Graffiti but can't find the right wall to spray and scared you will get in trouble? There's a dope art gallery like the Container Yard that supports creative street artist.

So yes, what ever you have been secretly wanting to do. I'm confident you will find a group of people or an event that caters to your interest. A good way to meet like minded people is to join Meet Up. A social platform that you can check out all the events that's happening int the area and connect you with others with the same interest.

So yes, go do you. Try new things, get out of your comfort zone. Because you never know what you will discover. Also I like you to think of it this way. It's like running a colored marathon. You get to try all different types of colors as you go through each phrases, and when you are finished you come out multi color and gained many new experiences.

All said and done. This is your life and you are the author.



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