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Los Angeles Pt 5: Snake in the Grass

Once upon a time, there was a girl following her dreams out in California. She saw the good in everyone and wanted to help everybody. One day she met , let's call her "Jane" at a BBQ. Jane is a publicist. Jane could see right way that Suree was young and naive girl from the Midwest. They talked and exchanged contact info.

At first, it was fun and fabulous. Suree was invited to walk red carpet events with Jane, attended magazine launch parties. Although, Suree had no intention of being a publicist. Jane was very nice and charming. Suree wanted to please her and make Jane like her. So she always offered to help Jane out.

A couple months flew by. Nancy asked Suree to help her host an Emmy's viewing gala attended by celebrities that didn't get invited to the Emmy's itself. Anyways, Suree said yes. She took Jane shopping and helped her picked out the perfect red dress. Stayed up till 3am to help set up. And even got one of Jane's client the hook up with a beautiful sequins dress from a designer, Rodolfo Quinones.

The day of the event, Jane even introduced Suree to the camera crew as her "personal assistant". Her comment made Suree felt special.

Suree assited with everything from running food, pouring drinks and having to ask guests to move to a different table under Jane instructions.

There was a ll kinds of vendors there promoting their businesses. However, the vodka company who was supposed to show up, didn't.

Jane freaked out. She told Suree to go buy vodka for her and briskly walked away.

Suree saw how frantic she was. And she wanted to help. She thought to herself " Oh, I'll just pay with my card. And she'll just me back later."

Right away, like the pefect little assistant, Suree hurried off to go buy the vodka from a nearby liquior store. Suree ended up spending $479 dollars.

Long story short. Suree never saw Jane again after that event. Turns out, Jane refused to answer her calls or pay her back after months of trying.

So yeah. Don't be like Suree.

Also don't be like Jane either.



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