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Los Angeles Pt.3 Finding Your Tribe

Los Angeles is a melting pot of dreamers and go-getters. People have traveled from all over the country and world to chase their dreams here. Therefore, you will meet all kinds of personalities and talents.

Nothing is more empowering then females that support and grow together. I was lucky to have met those amazing and beautiful women throughout my journey. Some,I met from work, my internships and networking events. The friendships that I have formed throughout the 3 years that I lived there have been all by being aware of who I am and how I am feeling when I am around them.

You know that quote, " Your vibe attract your tribe." I couldn't agree more. If I feel that I am inspired by their goals/passions. If I sense that they are genuine and open-minded. Then I truly appreciate that and try to develop meaningful relationships.

Friendships should add value to your life. They should inspire you to grow and want to be better. Though we were all busy growing ourselves and chasing our dreams. We still try to find time here and there to catch up. These ladies have been there for me through my darkest days and were there to celebrate through my good ones. Living in a big city, its nice to have a strong group of females that have your back and to have theirs. I am so grateful for our friendships and I can't wait to see where the future will take us.

Don't get me wrong, not everyone I met in LA were like this. There were some that were manipulative and liked to pass judgement. However, I understand that misery loves company and I forgave them for their menace. I am not afraid to walk alone because it's better to be by yourself and know who you are then change yourself just to fit in.

If you feel that you are different or "wierd" or that no body gets you. Don't worry. You are not alone. There are many people out there that are like you. You just have to be patient and keep being the best version of yourself and you will attract like minded people into your life.

P.S If only all the females in this world come together and embrace and support one another, imagine what this world can be.

Let's stick together ladies.



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