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Los Angeles Pt.1: Landing My Dream Job

Since I was 9 years old. I've always dreamed about working in the fashion industry and becoming a fashion designer. Hence, that's why I paused on college and moved out to California at the age of 19 to follow my dream. Even though I am now back in Worthington. I did accomplished the one thing I went after. Which was landing my dream job in LA. In this blog I will give you tips on how I scored my dream job. Read on to follow my Los Angeles journey. 1. Finding Alternative So my first plan was to move out to L.A and go to fashion school. Well when I was doing my research and looked at all the options. I was baffled by how expensive all the schools was. I mean, yes I really wanted to work in fashion. But I didn't feel like being burried in debt because of it. So I googled " Most Affoardable Fashion School in Los Angeles". I figured that if I could just get my foot in the industry. I can just work hard and work my way up. So I found a certifciate school for Fashion Merchandising. I was placed in an internship with a clothing showroom. There I started off as an intern. And to my luck, her assistant left for another job, so there was a spot openning to be her personal assistant. I eagerly dived in for the postion and got the spot.

2. Attitude is Everything

No matter what project it was that was given to me. Steaming clothes, filing papers, calling clients or sweeping the floor. I was all for it. I did them with enthusiasm and I did them to the best of my abilities. And my boss recognized that. And she saw potential in me. So she taught me everything she knew. Which prepared me for my next job opportunity. 3. Take it Step by Step

After a year of working as her personal assistance, I found a job opening at a clothing company that I really wanted to work for. I applied and got the job. The position that I received was as an account executive. Even though, I would rather be on the Creative team as the merchandiser/designer. I gladly took the position, because it was one step closer to my goal. Within those two years, I got promoted from account executive, to online sales manager, southeast district sales manager and lastly to my desired position, I was apart of the Creative Team. The creative team duties consists of marketing, attending trade shows, coming up with fresh design ideas, product development and I even got to model the samples. The best part was flying to different trade shows all over the US and meeting with clients. It was truly a dream come true. Even though I had to come home because of the incident, (previous posts will explain it). I am still glad and grateful that I took a leap to follow my dreams and achieved what I went out there to do. So I hope you can take some things from my experiences and apply it to your own path. Also best advice I can give about career is that don't just think that you are only working for the company. You are working for yourself. When you work hard. You are not just working hard for your job. But you are building your worth ethic and character. Work hard even when no one is looking and it will pay off.



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