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A Night at the Container Yard

Art is not a thing — it is a way.- Elbert Hubbard

About 3 months ago, Mia and I had the pleasure to check out the Container Yard. One of the hottest upcomming art galleries and venues at the Art District in Downtown LA. I was fascinated by all the creations and color schemes presented.

I like to look at the art work and try to define what message the artist is trying to send. It's always interesting to me to try to interpret their pieces. However, I've come to a conclusion, that their art work is merely an existence, and perhaps, how we interpret each pieces, is truly how we see the world and feel inside.

There were numerous murals up on the walls, but also on the ceiling as well, which is incredible, imagine how much his/her back must of felt, ouch.

We also bought a few cool pieces from a store there called The Vintage Pop. There you will find curated vintage clothing held inside a very creative and well-styled container, yes, that's right. The Container Yards, just like it's name, holds lots of containers with varieties of vendors like food, art work and clothing shops.

I encourage everyone to check this place out. They just hit their 2 year anniversary last weekend, and I thought I'd share with you guys pictures that we took from that night and also what I've predicted to be one of the most impacting art venue yet for the generation to come.



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