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Shit in the Jar

November 7, 2019

When you took a dump inside me,

I tried to flush it by forgetting it ever happened. 

I kept quite because it never really happened. 


But the shit is there.


A year flew by and your shit  really stank up my jar. 

It crippled my lungs and poisoned my mind.



I am a shitty person.

I am a shitty person. 

I am a shitty person. 



Another year flew by

The shit stank so bad,

the odor slipped pass the lids 

So I squeezed it shut even tighter. 


Soon enough, flies and maggots showed up.


Another year ran by, my jar is now black.

The jar can no longer contain what's in it. 



The jar finally exploded




I am not a shitty person.



I just had to clean out my jar.


Secrets keep you sick.

Let that shit out.







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