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I apologized for not writing a post in so long. I just haven't had the motivation to write now a days.But anyway, the police ending up putting me into a mental institution. I was there for a week until my mom and brother flew in from Minnesota to come get me out. I ended up losing my job. my mom told me I had to move back home. So I packed all my clothes and left.

My mom took me to Thailand shortly after, because she wanted to figure out what was wrong with me. I had a few session with a psychiatrist, and he diagnosed me with manic bipolar depression. I was supposed to take these pills that he prescribed me. But I didn't like taking them. All they did was made me drowsy.

Anyways, life back home has been very dull. I ended up falling back into my binge eating habits and gained 30lbs again. I wouldn't leave the house or had the motivation to do anything. I just watched Netflix all day and eat. I'm not proud of it but that's what happened.

I recently applied for a job and got one as a waitress in our local restaurant. So I'll be doing that. I think it's going to help me snap out of my funk. I just need to accept what happened and move forward.

I miss California a lot and feels like my dreams was crushed and left crumbled there. But I guess I can always go back in the future. I just need to take care of myself first. I plan on going back to school in the spring and get my bachelor.

I know that everything happened for a reason. And I will be able to look back at this and understand why this happened. But for now, I am just going to suck it up and push through and do the best that I can.

Also time to get back on a healthy wagon. My plan is to lose at least 10 pounds by Halloween.



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